some help to a poor newbie...

I have downloaded QNX 6.2, it’s VERY COOOOOL!!! but I have a [size=100]HUGE [/size]doubt…

How can I use my floppy drive??? or my CD-ROM? I have understood how to play an audio CD, but how can I transfer files from CD to the HD? :cry:

Thank you!

You will find the cd is automounted in /fs/cd0. Just stick in a CDROM.

For the floppy, check to see if devb-fdc is running. If it isn’t run it.

devb-fdc &

And then do…

mount -t dos /dev/fd0 /fs/floppy

Have fun.

It works, but I still have problems… for example

  • when I move a file into the floppy it says :
    Error writing ‘file’
    bad file description
  • when I try to delete a file contained in the floppy it says:
    Unable to delete ‘file’
    read-only file system
    (even if I can write on the floppy)
  • when I try to change the permissions of any file contained in the floppy it says:
    Unable to change permissions of ‘file’
    :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
    I have always used floppies (is this the plural of floppy? :unamused: ) formatted under windows… may this be the problem? Does a program used to format floppies exist in Qnx?


d’oh, bad english!

Make sure the write-protect tab isn’t set on the floppy? :slight_smile: Otherwise, unless you have told mount to mount the drive read-only it should work fine. I do it all the time.

:question: :question: :question:
Do you mean… when I boot QNX ? When I can press the spacebar to input the boot mode?

I mean on the physical floppy disk. There is a little tab that you can set to read-only.

Of course that it IS NOT set to read-only! I’m not so newbie! :smiley:

Well, that is the only thing that should prevent you from accessing the disk. Unless your mounting it as root and accessing the files as a normal user. Then you have to check perms.

Hey! Now IT WORKS :open_mouth: