Strange new-release!


We often loose the localization (keyboard localization)
I have a GB eide, qrtp installed on the first GB. I wanted to create another partition with fdisk.
I began with fdisk /dev/hd0 info. Result:

Physical disk characteristics: (/dev/hd0)
Disk type : Direct Access (0)
Disk flags : (0x0030)
Cylinders : 19885
Heads : 16
Sectors/Track : 63
Bytes/Sector : 512
Total Sectors : 20044081

Warning: total sectors field does not agree with
cylinderssectors/trackheads!! (20044081 vs 20044080)

Partition table information:
0: (4) beg(h=1,s=1,c=0) end(h=255,s=63,c=253) off=63, size=4096449
1: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
2: (0) beg(h=0,s=0,c=0) end(h=0,s=0,c=0) off=0, size=0
3: (79) beg(h=0,s=193,c=255) end(h=254,s=255,c=255) off=4096512, size=3986640
Loader: Non-QNX
signature1=0x55, signature2=0xAA

you can see that partition 0 is type 4. In fact, this partition is not fromatted. So, I think there is a problem!

Anyway, I try to make my partition.
fdisk /dev/hd0 add t79 2G. result:
FDSIK: invalid partition type for ADD sub-command
or may already exist


I tried
fdisk /dev/hd0 add -f 0 t79 2G. result:
FDISK: invalid partition (0) for ADD -f. Must be 1, 2, 3, 4

So, OK.
fdisk /dev/hd0 add -f 1 t79 2G. result:
nothing but my hd is out now. It seems that we have to use the number in reverse order. glups!!!

I add that at start-up, the systeme try to mount /dev/hd0t4 as dos file system saying that it’s corrupted. For sure the partition is not formatted!!!

So, how can I do to create new partitions.

fdisk says that the loader is non QNX, that’s wrong!!

According to the very frequent releases, I think that it’s VERY URGENT to supply the possibility to declare DURING INSTALLATION, different mount points such as /home, /usr/local,… on different partitions as do Linux distributions.

We are at a very experimental stage, and we take the risk to loose our work.

About scsi machines, the 0800 release was able to start a scsci device, it’s not case with a last one.

Thanks, Alain.