Install Comments

I hope someone at QSSL is actually wading through all these comments.

I have been able to install all of the QNX RTP versions that I have had
access to, this includes the QNX’2000 pre-release, one of the preget
releases, and now the official public beta.

When installing into a partition, the one thing that I’d like to see
changed would be the options for partitioning the drive. Currently the
only options are: All, Half, One-Quarter, or One-Eighth. The option
that is missing is the option to “manually run fdisk”. This is
admittedly only useful to the more advanced users, but it would have
saved me having to install twice when I finally installed on a brand new
machine dedicated to QNX RTP.

The problem is based on the fact that most of the new hard drives that
are available are huge, and easily exceed the 1024 cylinder limit, even
with LBA enabled. That means that you need to take some care in setting
up your partitions BEFORE you install QNX RTP. You can’t easily do
that on a “virgin” hard drive, with only a QNX RTP CD-ROM in hand. One
of the only choices is to install QNX RTP, run fdisk to partition the
way you want/need, then reinstall. The other choices all involve
installing another OS, and using fdisk on that OS to perform the same
things. That is painful in any of the Microsoft OS’s. I don’t think
it’s overly beneficial (for QSSL) to encourage folks to install/boot
ANOTHER OS just to prepare the HD for QNX. That’s silly.

Please fix this in the next version/release of the installer.


Martin Zimmerman
Camz Software Enterprises
QNX Programming & Consulting