Neutrino SMP Problem

Hi all,
i have a dual celeron motherboard running QNX4.25.I ,then installed the
neutrino by downloading the qnxrtp.tar.F file.Neutrino runs fine and now
i want to get the SMP to run.
I did the following:
mkifs /boot/build/ /tmp/qnxbasesmp.ifs
cp /.boot /.altboot
cp /tmp/qnxbasesmp /.boot.".
But there seems to be no change i.e when i turn on the computer it says
After the POST,
QNX 4 Loader(something like that)
Press Esc for alt OS.
On pressing esc it goes into neutrino .
and on not pressing escape it goes into QNX4.25.
So,is there a way i can get the SMP to work.And is there a command in
SMP to verify whether SMP is working or not(likewe have ping to check
Thank you in advance,