cdrom install

Hi List,

Ok here is the problem. I have downloaded, and burned the iso image, no
problem. QNXRTP install onto my windows machine no problem, but when I goto
install onto my smp machine, a fresh install w/no current os, it will boot
from the cd and create the partition, but when the installer needs to start
to copy files it complains about not finding a cdrom, but remember that I
booted from it. So at this point this install stops. The machine in question

dual 400PII
512Mb ram
quantum 9.1 uw-scsi
maxtor 20gig ide
creative 8x dvd-rom(the one that comes with the dxr3 card)
matrox g400 16Mb
sigma designs netstream200 mepg decoder
hauppauge wintv pci

I have tryed a different cdrom, and had the same problem. Thanks in advance
for any help. If I get this to install I will plug my scsi drives back in
and add the qnxrtp entry to my lilo.conf