HELP: LPD hangs

Hi there,

I’ve made a little progress talking to my network printer and I can now print a single postscript document. Unfortunately lpd stops at this point.

To print something I have to:

slay lpd
print required page as postscript to a file
edit the file and delete the line containing “setpagedevice”
lpr -P se (wait 30secs) lpr: connect: Connection timed out
jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.

after lpd is (re)started it emptys the que and out pops my printed page.
If I want to print again I have to repeat the above process.
obviously this is a very slow a painful process. There must be an easier way.

pidin reports: “1916959 1 /lpd/nto/x86/o/lpd 10r SIGWAITINFO”
lprc status reports:

queuing is enabled
printing is enabled
no entries
sending to

my etc/printcap is:


what is the relationship between lpd and spooler? can I use spooler to print to my network device? spooler works quite happily with a locally connected printer after I “spooler -c bjc.cfg -d /dev/par1 &”