help to mount samba partition

Good morning all!
I´m installed openqnx neutrino 6.2
and also installed samba.
all seem to work fine a part that i´m not able to share an home “i don´t find but maybe don´t exist on this version adduser command” so i can´t create an home directory
but also i can´t mount my private share from a windows server with mount command .
i trye to mount my share on this way:

mount -t smb\\gsaffioti$ /fs/net/ -o username gsaffioti

and receive this error:
mount: Can´t mount /fs/net/ (type smb)

mount: Possible reason: no such device or address

problem maybe that i´ dont´ know howto mout a remote dir on my local filesystem wich devise can i use to mount a remote partition?
and howto mount a samba partition
on qnx .

Sorry for my ugly english & thanks in Advance.


  1. to create a new user called “scott”, just run “passwd scott” as root.
  2. to mount a remote SMB share, you need to use fs-cifs. run
    “use /usr/sbin/fs-cifs” to details.

:astonished: somethin goes wrong??? :open_mouth:

ok ok was been my fault now it´s all right all seem to go right!
Thanks a lot.
Cya. :astonished: