QNX RTP install: no disk detected ?


I’ve successfully downloaded the ISO for QNX RTP and burned it,
then made a floppy, then reboot with the CD & floppy to install
(after freeing about 500 Meg of room at the end of my disk).

My computer boot and QNX, try to detect IDE disks, but it only finds
my CD-ROM; then it asks me to choose a disk for install, but the
choice-list is empty (tried to hit enter: “Invalid choice”).

The disk is a 13 Giga UDMA, connected on IDE #3. IDE slot #1 is for
my CD, and slots #2 and #4 are empty : perhaps QNX RTP does only
detect on IDE #1 and #2 ? How can I fix this ?

Many thanks,

Michel Pouzet

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