a question for all

I am corious as to what other QNX users want to see so I pose this question. In the upcomming QNX 6.3.1 (or the coresponding) what new features/bigfixes/suport would you like to see? whether it be new drivers or better supotred drivers or new features, networking capability improvements etc… what do you want to see?

I would like to see fs-cifs either replaced or repaired, it does not work, simple as that…

poundsmack1; What is your point?

simple coriosity. if u dont think it apropriate feel free to delete the thread. I just wanted to see what people think, and give the chance for discussion.

My question was simple curiously as well. I get the impression you were offended, sorry, that was not my intention.

I was hoping you’d had a brother in law who knows someone in the QNX margeting departement, and you were trying to pass along some information to influence the futur of QNX!

haha no no not offended dont worry. and sorry no brother in law…but the way i look at is you never know whos reading and mabey it will make a diference.