Newbie - testing on Windows

Just downloaded the evaluation version of Momentics 6.3.0. I’ve been trying desperately to make a simple program to test out some of the debugging features.

I’m running this on Windows XP.

I’ve read the posts on this forum and have come across a couple identical problems that I’ve had.

  1. The problems with the makefile where it does not recongize the file (tutorial in the documentation)

→ The response to this was to try g++, which I have tried. I’m only using the Momentics software - no other editors etc…

  1. I get the “Exec error” whenever I try to run or debug the “Hello world” tutorial.

→ The response was to run QNX using VMware to test the app.

Ok, my understanding was that I could develop AND debug/test this in a Windows environment, as long as I picked “local C/C++” for everything. And the binary is the “x86” platform, so does it not work on a Windows machine? So this was to address my #2.

The simple tutorials didn’t work, so I then went on to try to develop a Photon GUI app, with the same results are the #2 (Exec error). Again, this probably points to me setting up VMware to run QNX?

I would just like a simple test program that I can run and debug to sample some of the debugging tools. I’m really interested in using QNX (I just heard about it a few days ago) but I can’t seem get past this.

Any help would be much appreciated, or to even point me to a post on this forum that I may have missed.


Ok, I think I’ve answered my own question. The target must be running a QNX OS, although you can still develop in a Windows world. The C/C++ is if you are actually developing on a QNX OS.

Well, I guess my alternative is to run an evaluation version of the VMware to run QNX… does this mean I need an “evaluation” version of the QNX OS? I have not looked into running the VMware yet, I may find this out soon enough.

When you download the eval QNX, you should pick the “self hosted for x86” version. You can install that in VMWare or have a separate box. You can develop your applications on this self hosted QNX box directly, with no need for a Windows PC in this case.

Thx noc,

I was just looking on the qnx web site and noticed that the Momentics for a QNX platorm includes an installation of the QNX Neutrino RTOS. I think this is what I need, I’m downloading it now and will try to install on VMware.