Adaptec 1502 and Panisonic CD-ROM interface?

I have an old Adaptec 1502 ISA to SCSI card that QNX does not
recognize. Can I force a probe? I see QNX supports a bunch of the 15XX
cards. passing ‘aha152x=0x140,10’ to the Linux kernel works fine for
that OS. Will the devb-aha2 driver work with the 1502? If so what is
the correct syntax to enable it?

Also I have the old SoundBlaster16 with a Panasonic (not IDE) CD-ROM
connector. The audio from the SB16 works fine. I would like to get the
CD-ROM working though. The Linux kernel works fine with the sbpcd
module for this CD-ROM.

I know this hardware is ancient, but I would like replace Linux with QNX
on an old PC I am using as web terminal. X is too sluggish compared to

Patrick Berge