Problem booting on A20p laptop; eeprom checksum mismatch

I have an IBM A20p laptop that I am trying to install Neutrino on.
I’ve installed it to a partition and am using the QNX bootloader. The
process displays a couple of
messages ending with …

FS-PKG: Ready to handle requests
Installing /dev/par port 3bc
Warning EEPROM checksum mismatch
Intel 82557
Vendor … 0x8086
Device … 0x1229
Revision … 0x0
I/O port base … 0x1800
Interrupt … 0xb
MAC address … 00b400 800180
MII transceiver found at address 1.
Mode = 10BTHD

and then the process seems to hang. The warning strikes me as something
but I don’t know what it means. I have Win2000 installed on the laptop
and it does
not indicate any problems.

  1. Does the Warning indicate a serious problem?

  2. If there is a serious problem, what can I run under Win2000 to get a

  3. Can I get QNX to bypass the warning and finish booting?