Cirrus Logic GD6235 bombs photon and neutrino

trying to start photon 2 with CL-GD6235 (not supported, I know, but I
would be happy to get 640x480 VGA to start) seems to kill RTP totally -
I have to power down. When I run crttrap -VV trap I get the following
(somewhat abbreviated, hard to capture into file because system goes
into lala land):

/usr/photon/bin/devgt-iographics -V
PCI attach failed! (not surprising, this is PC104
computer so no PCI)
BIOS call Int10 eax=4f00
BIOS call Int10 eax=4f00
BIOS call Int10 eax=4f01
/usr/photon/bin/devgt-iographics -V (cyrix?
could this be the problem?)
BIOS call Int10 eax=4f00

Shutdown[0,0] S/C/F=11/4/2 C/D=ff80b0d4/ff83debc state(c0)= now lock
[0]PID-TID=196625-1? P/T FL=0000000/80000000
x86 context[ffbf8fd4]:
(lots of numbers)
(lots of numbers)
(lots of numbers)

Is there any way I can specify the generic VGA driver so it doesn’t
bomb? Thanks for your help.