Myson Ethernet

Could anybody tell me if there is a driver for the Myson mtd80x ethernet card for 6.3.0



I am not aware of a driver for QNX. In fact, having bargained an 803-based PCI network adapter at the modest sum of £1 I considered writing the driver myself. However, I could not get hold of the datasheets for the chip.

Somewhere on their website you can download an archive “” that contains all drivers for win32 but also for linux. Maybe the sources are there to get started with. It’s a while ago I downloaded it, so if you don’t find it I can send you a copy of mine.

If someone can provide the missing information I’d be quite happy to write the driver, if time permits :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.

I have the drivers for win, linux and freebsd. However I have no idea how to proceed. I will try to find the datasheets.
Thanks again.




I have the datasheet for the Myson MTD800. Will that do ?