couldn't install RtP with this hardware:

Hey “QSSL”, how about posting a troubleshooting document, and a list of
known problems? And make it prominent on your support or QDN page, please?

I was unable to install RtP with these devices in my computer:

Creative Labs PC-DVD (6x IDE DVD-ROM drive)
Samsung SV0844A (8.4GB IDE hard drive)

It installed when I replaced them with:

CD-40X-MITSUMI (40x EIDE/UDMA CD-ROM, secondary master)
Maxtor 54098U8 (40GB(?) EIDE/UDMA hard drive, primary master)

Also in the working system:

ASUS P2B-F (motherboard w/ built in UDMA/33 controller)
LS-120 superfloppy (IDE, primary slave)
Creative Labs AWE64 (ISA sound)
3Com 3C905B-TX (PCI 10/100 ethernet)
Matrox Millennium G200-SD-AGP (16MB PCI video adaptor)