Trouble with my Intel 82557 based ethernet card and keyboard

Hi all!

I’m having trouble to get my Intel Ether Express 10/100 working with QNX (in
fact it’s an HP OEM 10/100 TX card, but it’s the same chip). I got it
working when I installed QNX about 1 month ago, but nothing to do now I
installed QNX again.

In the network cfg section, i checked “enable device”, chose dhcp. In the
Network tab, I see the IP adress of my ISP’s DNS and the domain name (I
have a cable internet connection)
Whet I type ifconfig -a, I see I have an IP adress given by the DHCP server,
but I can’t even ping the IP adress of my ISP’s DHCP.

But, when I launch voyager, I have a photon the dialer dialog asking me to
setup a dial-up connection.

My other problem is that QNX “forgets” my keyboard layout setting (I have a
french keyboard). Each time I boot, my keyboard is set to default layout (I
get “Q” when typing “A”) .
I have to chose another layout, apply, and select “french” again.
But the setting is not kept if I reboot my PC !

It’b boring me, especially for typing passwords when loggin in…

Thanks by advance for your answers.