Booting into QNX

I want to use QNX RTP on a VersaLogic Panther Pentium/K6 small board
computer. Windows 98 is currently installed. To install QNX,
I downloaded the qnxrtp.exe from the Tucows website (inside Windows 98),
launched it in Windows 98, and followed the install instructions. When
I rebooted I was given the choice of the Windows, QNX RTP, or QNX RTP
(DMA disabled) operating systems. Windows boots fine when selected, but
neither QNX choice gets me into the QNX OS. When I select them I get
one of two outcomes: 1) The computer reboots and returns me to the same
OS-choice screen. 2) The display freezes up and returns the message:
“Shutdown[0,0] S/C/F=11/1/11 C/D=ff80b0d4/ff83debc state(c0)=now lock”.
I would like to start QNX by selecting it at this point in the boot

The motherboard/BIOS does not support a CD-ROM boot. QNX RTP boots fine
from a floppy, but booting from a floppy every time I want to use the
QNX RTP is impractical for the desired application. Any suggestions?