lan and adsl

i have used qnx 6.1 small iso and is all right about internet: i have a hub and modem router to connect internet (the ip router is

so, after installing qnx 6.1 i open Voyager and i surf on internet!

but with qnx 6.2.1 after installing, i lunch Voyager but i can´t connect :frowning: automatically open a window to setup connection with modem (but i have not modem!)

so, how to configure network to use internet like qnx 6.1? thanks :wink:

I suspect you have an rtl card and didn’t finish the install of 6.2.1. Install the Momentics x86 packages and it will start working.

lan card is a realtek

where i find Momentics x86 packages?


They are on the CD you downloaded. Just install them.

I’m at first time with QNX, I’m download nc6.2.1
My situation is the same of bart2k: PC->eternetboard->hub->router->DSL
How I can set the connection?

whit rtp 6.1.0 is all rigth

Do you also have a rtl network card?