I have trouble during QNX RTP installation from SCSI CDROM
(My controller is a NCR/Symbios NCR-53c875 on a TEKRAM 390U PCI card) The boot from CD is OK:

  • detection of SCSI chain work (CD and CDR)
  • i choose the partition where to install QNX (first primary on first primary disk)
  • choose from which file system intall QNX (between cd0 and cd1 ( iv )

After, intallation process reboot and remount filesystems, and problems begin!
It asks me to insert the CD-ROM (but the CD-ROM is still in its place)
with some message like
'Unable to access /cd//boot/fs
insert the CD-ROM ’

I ve found some information about a similar pb on QNX4: 'this is a bug with the installer where Fsys drivers have pb with …
SCSI chain [improperly mounted] ’
The recommended solution is to download a drvdisk.144
and do some magic manipulation (not details here)
a) It is for QNX 4
b) I ve not found the drvdisk.144…

Is there a solution tp my problème?

Thanks for your help