How to install QNX4.25 through USB CD-ROM?

Any idea?3x!

Can’t be done. Well everything can be fixed ;-) You need to write a USB driver for CD-ROM, Then create a new CD that will use newly created driver…

Oh~~And it’s can be installed without a normal CD-ROM?Any suggestion of installation without a normal CD-ROM?Anyway thanks for your reply,Mario!

It`s possible to install from floppy if you can get a hold of them (not available anymore)

It`s also possible to install from network but that requires a good level of expertise.

Could you give more details on the installation of QNX4.25 from network?I tried installing QNX4.25 from USB-CDROM.But after hardware auto-detecting,it requires CDROM drive to be defined to continue the installation.And there is no floppy drive in my pc104.So probably installing from network is the only way!

What kind of device are you installing on? HD? If so you can take that HD onto a normal PC with a CD rom, install there, then move that HD on the PC104. QNX4 installation is not that dependant on the hardware so it should boot.

Network installation requires a QNX4 machine to boot from and a network card that support boot rom. This is IMHO too complicated to be explain through this medium.

Actually I tried that.I removed the harddisk to a notebook pc and installed there,configured the photon interface.But when the HD was back on my pc104,it seemed that QNX4.25 had to be reconfigured,especially the ethernet card and video card.I tried the command nettrap and crttrap,but failed.Could you give some tips on how to reconfigure it!As during the installing,the photon could be configured later,how to reconfigure network remains a big problem for me.
Thanks very much!

nettrap doesn’t really work for ISA devices. You need to edit the sysinit file and replace nettrap with the driver that matches the hardware.

I installed qnx4.25 on the notebook again and didn’t configure photon.Now the problem is that I still coul not enter photon interface.When I use the command ph ,the whole screen turned black and the system halted. I tried crttrap trap,crttrap start,but it seemed useless.And when I use crttrap start,it responded with :
Cannot open palette file:No such file or directory
Could not connect to:No such file or directory
What should I do next?

Something seems to be wrong with the install. Can you run photon on the notebook?

The first time I installed the OS on the notebook,photon could be run very well.During the second installation I chose “NO” when it asked if I want to enter photon directly when starting and if I want to probe and set video mode.And nothing went wrong during the installation.So what is probably the problem?

Don’t know. Try it on the laptop to see if you get the same behavior.

Just now I connected a ordinary CD-ROM to PC104 through IDE and try to install qnx from that CD-ROM.But during the installation, when I configured the video mode(800x600,32 bits…),the screen turned black,and the installation halted.I restarted the computer and install again and set video mode as 640x480,32bits…And the result remained the same.The screen turned black and the installation halted again.I don’t know what the problem is. May you have some idea,Mario!

I am wainting on line.

It’s probably something wrong with the graphics card driver.The photon window system can be started by the command"ph -s".