Installation on Compaq Presario 1700 help!!

info about the laptop:
Pentium III 500Mhz
6Gb. IBM Dara IDE Disk
Runing from Win98/DOS
64 Mb of RAM
Video Card ATI Mach64 8 Mb

Please hardware support have yu encountered any problems with
Compaq Laptop computers, or is it just the 1700 series?

Anybody attempted to install QNX on a Compaq presario notebook?

I think the problem is that QNX is not able to map correctly all the
I tried using the /Mxx in the CONFIG.SYS file with no luck, Is there any
Would it make a difference if I install QNX on a separte parition?
Strange is that the Demo disk works nicely, and I think it only uses 8Mb
How is it possible that Demo disk work and the installation from the ISO
image don’t?
oh and my BIOS doesn’t have many options for memory management.

This is the dump:

Buliding default map
Range check failed (MEM)
Dev ac50 Vend 104C Class 60700 Addr 0 Size 1000
Dev 2013 Vend 14F1 Class 78000 Addr F4000000 Size 10000
Detecting EIDE Scanning for drives
This can take up to 3 sec