DVD-player problems during install

Hi All,

I have a problem concerning my AOPEN DVD player. Booting my system with the
QNX RTP CD in the DVD-player is no problem. Then the installation procedure
tells me that I have 2 CD devices namely ‘cd0’ an ‘cd1’ and that is correct
(cd0=AOPEN DVD player and cd1=PLEXWriter 12/10/32A) When I tell the
installation program to use ‘cd0’, the installation procedure remounts the
EIDE devices. After the remount, the DVD player can’t be found anymore and
the installation software start complaining about a missing CD ROM.

Another problem is that when I use the package manager, QNX can’t find ‘cd0’
(the DVD player). Switching the QNX CD to the PLEXWriter is no problem.
Restarting the package manager and open the repository at
/fs/cd1/repository2 is going fine.

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong. I have a Chaintech 7AJA/100
mainboard with the VIA KT133+686B Chipset, 256 MB Ram and a AMD Duron 850
Mhz processor.

Thanks in advance.