VESA and SVGA drivers


in a desktop machine with SIS integrated SVGA on the motherboard (the
specific SIS chip is not listed in supported hardware) the QNX starts
fine including Photon, but the VESA/SVGA modes offered have the 1024x768
mode as interlaced rather than usual non-interlaced resolution. The
machine has 2MB video RAM and runs fine other operating systems with
1024x768 16bit colour and non-interlaced, the monitor definitely
supports that resolution and H/V frequencies.

The 800x600 16bit runs fine in non-interlaced mode.

Is there any way to fiddle with the SVGA/VESA driver parameters to
enforce non-interlaced mode for 1024x768/16bit colour (or 15bit at

Thanks for any hint.

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