Boot hangs trying to mount filesystem

After a several month hiatus from working with QNX RTP, I have recently
re-installed it from a CD made from the current ISO image and then installed
Patches B & C from WWW respository onto a machine which also contains DOS
and Linux partitions.

On bootup, the DOS partitions are automatically mounted, but not the Linux
partitions. I can mount my Linux partitions manually by using commands
such as the following:

mount -r -t ext2 /dev/hd1t131.2 /fs/home

But when I try to add the identical line (with or without a trailing ‘&’) to
/etc/rc.d/rc.local (which already contains other lines which are being
executed), the system hangs on reboot, and I have been able to recover only
by booting with options F4 F5 F6 and renaming the rc.local file.

Any suggestions?

  • Will Parsons