Dual boot under XP

Hi. I apologize if this has been covered before but I looking around on the 'Net and couldn’t find any definitive answers.

Anyway, here’s the situation. I have to install QNX Neutrino 6.3 for a grad school class. I only have one computer, and at the moment, it runs Windows XP. (Yeah yeah, I know, but I need it for certain programs related to school.) At the moment, there are three partitions on the hard drive.

-20GB NTFS (C)
-30GB FAT32 (D)
-30GB NTFS (E)

I want to install QNX on the FAT32 partition and am wondering if the standalone Neutrino ISO handles this without any problems (i.e., it’ll allow me to dual boot or can be set up such that it requires a boot CD). If not, could someone guide me through the process? Ideally, I’d install QNX on a different box, but I don’t have the money or time at the moment to go out and search for a used one.

Thank you, and again, I apologize if this has been covered already. I just want to make absolutely sure that any steps I take won’t screw up my box.

Does out of box QNX 6.3 supports installing to a FAT partition? no.
Is it possible to install QNX 6.3 into a FAT partition? yes.
Do I recommend this to a new QNX user? no. lots of tweaks required.

I would suggest you use tools such as partition magic to shrink one of the existing partitions to leave some free area so that the QNX installer can create a new QNX partition.

If you still want to install into FAT32 and have enough Unix skills, AND another existing QNX box that we can use to create a customized boot image, come back and I will guide you through.

Hello. I’m not concerned at all about maintaining the FAT32 partition. QNX can do whatever it wants with it as long as I’m able to do a dual boot.

if that’s the case, the easiest solution is to delete the FAT32 partition, and boot the QNX CD to let the QNX installer to create a new QNX partition on the free space that FAT32 used to be.

Hello. A classmate installed it on his computer and helped assure me that everything was pretty painless. QNX 6.3 actually picked up on the FAT32 primary partition I had set aside and changed it without a hitch. QNX seems to run just fine so far.

Excuse me joroark to use your forum, but i think it’s beter than to create a new one for a similar problem.
I have a 40 Go Hardrive, With 3 partitions

C:\ 10 Go with Win 2K-Pro install on NTFS
D:\ 20 Go with Win Soft install on Fat 32 ( heritage of an older install )
E:\ <= 10 Go free space disk

I want to install Qnx 6.3 on the free space disk, and i would like to know if Qnx 6.3 automatikly manage dual boot ( like Linux Mandrake do it ) allowing me to immediatly reboot on W2K in order to go on working on it, or to boot on Qnx to test it.
Or does i have to do some special manipulation and configuration to allow me the dual boot betwen W2k & QNX

during the installation on the harddisk, QNX will ask you if you prefer to keep your existing bootloader or if you prefer the QNX bootloader for future use.
choose whatever you like. the QNX bootloder unfortunately gives you approx. two seconds (for your selection of the boot partition) only when starting up your system, but otherwise it is very well ok.
with QNX’s “fdisk” (partition editor), you can set a default boot partition, as you can do in Windows.
I myself use “xfdisk” as boot manager, and it works very happy together with Windows (98), QNX v6.x, v4.x, Linux …
if you are not happy with QNX’s bootloader (if you had choosen the option to make it your default bootloader), a system recovery of Windows will put WIN’s bootloader in the first place again.
with PARTITION MAGICS’s or similar bootloaders, unfortunately I have no experience, sorry.
Good luck ! HELGE

the line with “fdisk” should read Windows (ninety-eight) and not the mafiosi face.
with QNX’s bootloder you will have the choice to select out of four partitions (not only dual boot), supposed they are bootable.
regards HELGE

what file system does QNX use?

QNX uses “qnx filesystem”. you can read more about that in the ‘Help’ section (/QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.2/System Architecture/Filesystems/).
on a computer with both filesystems, NTFS or FAT32 and QNX, you cannot see the QNX filesystem from Windows if you booted into Windows.
if you booted into a properly/completely installed QNX, or run QNX from the cd, you can see DOS or FAT32 partitions and their filesystems under /fs. you can copy, delete, modify etc. these files. you can not see or handle NTFS filesystems by default, but there is a third party application available.

as an example, you may play - while working in QNX - your favourite MP3 files stored in the windows partiition, by double-clicking the ‘/fs/hd0-dos/my_mp3_folder/musicfile.mp3’ in the File Manager.
Enjoy it ! HELGE

Hi… if i choose to keep the existing boot loader, what will happen? will i be able to boot into win xp and also choose to qnx ?

I guess we can use this thread :


Regards Helge

Hi. It’s been over a year since the last post in this thread :slight_smile:
I think this is the best place to ask about some things not mentioned yet.
I’ve been looking for a solution to my problem for some time, but with miserable effects…

What I need is:

  • to use a QNX Neutrino 6.2.1 image on a FAT partition. The host OS is Windows XP,
  • to boot into Neutrino from the XP boot manager - NTloader;

I’ve use dinitw32 to create a workspace for Neutrino as mentioned here
openqnx.com/index.php?name=N … le&sid=213
(Do i get it right, that it initializes a QNX4 filesystem, for there are no similar tools for Neutrino??)

What I know is (please correct me if necessary):

  • You can modify config.sys of the win 9x to create a boot entry for QNX, but config.sys doesn’t do anything in win XP which uses config.nt instead),

  • When you have a CD-based installaton of Neutrino, you can use boot.ini to create a boot entry for QNX (with use of an image of QNX partition boot sector saved into a file; I’ve read it in the article about QNX and NT dual boot system by Eduard Kromskoy)

  • You can’t use loadqnx.sys since it’s DOS based, and win NT systems are not built on top of a DOS layer, as previous ones were.

  • NTloader has capability to load executable code from a file… (I tried NTLoader with the boot files from boot-floppy, some image files of the floppy made with ‘dd’, even loadqnx.sys in despair. No results.)

What do I have to do to get the things going on correctly ??

I suggest you use “grub” as the boot loader, and “loadifs” to load the boot image file.

You can have grub even if you don’t have Linux on the PC. You can have grub installed on a FAT partition. If your winxp is using FAT, you are all set, otherwise you can create a small (say 5M) FAT partition on the first disk. You can download the grub floppy image at uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/rawwrite.htm ).

Once you have the grub floppy, you can either use it to boot multiple OSes (winxp, w2k, qnx, etc), or if you feel floppy slow, you can install the grub onto the hard disk FAT partition. Just make a directory, say, \boot\grub, on the FAT partition and copy all files from floppy to this new directory. Then install grub into the MBR following mail-archive.com/bug-grub@gn … 06719.html

you could edit \boot\grub\grub.conf to create a boot menu … Learn more about grub at gnu.org/software/grub/

Once you have grub working with your windows, you can use it along with loadifs to load QNX boot image.
check the README files in the loadifs.tar.gz