How to force a full EIDE scan

An on-going problem summarized …

When I am trying to boot QNXRTP 6.1 from an install, from the Windows setup
program qnxrtp.exe, I get a “.diskroot file for root not found … unable to
locate devc-con” message when I try to boot.

Barry, from QNX suggested the following Knowledge Base entry which says “Make sure that
your hard drive is set to Master on the Primary IDE channel. If it is and
you still get this message, during the boot cycle run the full eide scan by
pressing the spacebar for input options, and than pressing F2.”

I have done this except I do not see any option under F2 when I press the
spacebar during boot. I have looked through all the options and there is
also no mention of a full EIDE scan. Do I need the CDROM version of QNX or
is there something I am missing here?!

I appreciate further help.