problem with 6.1 install and packager

I have d/l the new ISO yesterday, the one which is 463,765,504 bytes and
burned it.

I have big problem to install it, I made the floppy and boot on it, it does
not detect my cdrom, or it is unable to mount the partition, after a certain
amount of try and reboot it finally detect everything, I don’t know why, I’m
still trying on another machine without success. Both of this machine has
run the RTP for a long time, RTP, QNX6 beta, etc, without problem.

On the machine where I succesfully installed it, I cannot use the installer
to connect to www repository, I am behind a proxy (squid) and it seems the
package installer does not use my settings, in Voyager it works I can access
everything. IIRC the www repository has worked for me only in the first
release of RTP, starting with QNX6 patched and QNX6.1 (even the beta), the
package installer has never worked with my proxy.

Any help?!?