QNX 6.1 Install

I downloaded the QNX RTP 6.1 from the get.qnx.com site and am trying to
install it on a brand new hard drive.
The problem I am seeing is that I get the following messages on the screen
when I try to install the QNX RTP OS from both the CD ROM image and the boot

Press ESC for .altboot…
Press the space bar to input boot options…
Detected EIDE. Scanning for devices.
No QNX 6.1 or greater filesystem available to mount.

Then the system hangs.

Has anyone seen this and can anyone provide insight to why this is

Thanks in advance,


I had exactly the same problem. This seems to be a common problem unique to
6.1. The problem is that
devb-eide fails to detect the Secondary IDE controller when only a CD is
present. Therefore no CD device is created (no /dev/cd0).
Without the CDROM mount QNX can’t continue with the installation.

The only solution I found was to physically move the CDROM drive so it is a
slave of the harddisk on the primary controller. In addition I had to
disable the secondary controller in the BIOS. Have a look at the thread
“QNXRTP 6.1 - CD does not mount” in this newgroup for more details.

Michael Stevens