Error during installation: can't find any qnx6.1 or greater

Hi guys,

like the subject say, i’m unable to install qnx rtp6.1 on
my pc.


cpu k6-III@400, Tyan S1598 (Via MVP3/MVP4), 192Mb RAM, IDE disk U-ATA66,
MatroxG400 AGP, SB16 ISA pnp.

When I try to install from cdrom on a new partition, the boot
process block with the message in the subject (or similar),
while if i try to install under windows it works well:
but i wan’t a dedicated partition =P

anyway, i’ve read a message of people with same problem,
and someone says “during the boot process, press space bar
and increase the timeout…”, i’ve searched but there isn’t any
option to modify the timeout =P

thank you =)


John Palaima <> wrote in article <9imuqe$op5$>…

It probably cant find the HD because its unsupported… Promise Ultra 66
controllers are known not to be supported by QNX =(

Sorry there

May be, you have the same problem?