QNX 6.1 Install on a Compaq Proliant ML570

I am part of an evaluation team that is looking to use RTP 6.x for
simulation work (I’m an old QNX 2.x user so I’ve been waving the flag a
bit & got picked to test 6.x).

While we ordered a multi-processor DELL our illustrious IT department
sent us a Compaq Proliant ML570 instead (Since the Texas yahoos are the
prefered vendor with their non-standard way of screwing the world
up…). :frowning:

The configuration of the machine, in general terms, is as follows:

  • 4x700 MHz. Xenon Processors: 2 MB level 2 cache
  • 256 MB core RAM
  • 5xHot Swappable Ultra-SCSI 9 GB drives
  • CD-ROM of marginal quality (Had to reassemble it after it fell
    apart from pushing the tray in by hand, gently too…)

The system will start to boot from the CD image we installed and have
used on other single processor machines. So it’s good.

The following is generated during the boot process:

Press ESC for .altboot… (Indeterminant number of “.”'s
Syspage memory request of 2568 exceeds maximum of 2560 bytes.

At this point the system is hung.

Any oppinions as to what is happening?

Also, replies may be sent to my work e-mail address below too: our fine
proxy server is blocking access to the inn.qnx.com mail server so I’m
sending this from my home account.


Donald Romani
Principle Software Engineer
Raytheon Missile Systems