Install NO GO

I am unable to install QNX 6.1.0 to my SCSI drive after booting from the QNX
cd. I have specifically set the 8gb scsi drive aside for QNX. Can anyone
explain how to accomplish this? The install consistently aborts after
getting thru partitioning the drive and choosing to use the existing boot
loader (BootMagic). Disk0 has a fat32 boot partition1 and two NTFS (running
Windows XP builds); Disk1 is running Win2k Adv Server; Disk 2 is running Win
XP Adv Serv; Disk 3 is running WinXP Server; and Disk4 is free space

This server has a pcmcia card reader installed (Texas Instruments) which
houses an Orinoco Silver Wireless NIC (supposedly a supported network card).

The main difficulty is that QNX just won’t install to the scsi drive
(attached to an Adaptec 2940u2w).

Any help greatly appreciated.
paul diener

Disk0 EIDE 3 partitions #1 is Fat32, #'s 2&3 are NTFS (All are Primary, not
CDRom alone on secondary EIDE set as master
Disk1 EIDE 1 partition is NTFS (primary)
Disk2 ATA100 Raid 0
Disk3 ATA100 NTFS (primary)
Disk4 SCSI (0) (primary, not extended) free space to be formatted for QNX