HPT370 Plans/Support

Hi all,

Sorry if I am being redundant, I’ve read through the threads and not
seen much mention on when support for the HPT370 (HighPoint IDE Raid
controller on the abit kt7* line) is planned on being implimented (if ever).
I was curious if anybody here could give me a date/estimated date, or an
update on the status. I’d like to try out QNX, but I’m not desperate enough
to dump my drives down to ata/66 (not to mention I have the 4 device limit
on the two standard ide controllers already met). I’ve read the supported
hardware pages as well, didn’t see any mentions about the plans for the
Highpoint (or Promise) controllers. I know these are extremely popular
motherboards, so I would think a driver would eventually be written. I
appreciate any information you can provide me with.


David Orman