Help installing 100mb parallel port Zip drive

I need help installing the ZIP drive to QNX4.25. I tried the following without success:
mount -p /dev/par1 /zip

Any help would be appreciated.


any output from the executed command please ?

Thanks for asking Helge.

The error from ‘mount -p /dev/par1 /zip’ is
mount -p: lseek() to BIOS signature on /dev/par1 failed. Invalid argument


QNX4 doesn’t support zip drive over parallel port. sells a driver.

oh well, I thought mustali had already aquired this driver.
so if you don’t have it, mario is right.
you could use an internal (e.g. EIDE) zip drive instead.

I was afraid bare-bones qnx may not support it.
thanks for the input guys.