new QNX installation with linux

hi, i am new to QNX. i need to install neuteno(RTOS) on my system containing a few flavors of linux. I can provide it with a free partition.

thinks to know:
which ISO to download.
how to install with grub multi boot.
is there an danger to the grub loader i am using.

thanks :question:

older version e.g. QNX V6.2 :

the latest version QNX V6.3 :

try both of them ! V6.3 evaluation software ‘expires’ after 30 days, but you can still use it with limited functionality (limits won’t bother you as far as you are not interested in development tools). there’s a lot of discussion about why’s and how’s in this forum. go through it !

during the installation, you will be asked wether you wish to use the QNX bootloader in future, or if you want to stick to the existing bootloader (like GRUB). I myself use the QNX loader out of laziness, but it gives you only 2 seconds for your choice, so if you wish to have more comfort, stay with GRUB.

regards Helge