RTP Installation fine - boot failure?


This is my first post to this group since a very long time ago…
I was ver excited when I noticed that QNX RTP 6.1 did actually finally support
my SCSI controller (AIC 7895). Downloading the ISO and inserting the CD I was
able to boot into QNX from CD. (My CD-drives are connected to the SCSI host
adapter). But now I got another problem…
I can run QNX fine from CD, but I can’t run an installed system.

I installed RTP onto a a clean disk (SCSI, BIOS disk 2).
The installation was no problem until I wanted to start the system…
I’m using the QNX bootloader at the moment (but behaviour doesn’t change for
others). When I try to boot QNX the last thing I see is the ‘Press ESC for
/.altboot’ message, then LOTS of ‘.’ (several lines) then the system crashes
(machine totally locked). The only way to run my installation is by booting
from CD, and then start the installed system from there.

I did a quick search of Dejanews, and it seems similar problems were reported
before, but I couldn’t find any solutions… Is there one? Is this a known
problem? I’d just like to know what is going wrong there…

Thanks for any insights.

Oh… My hardware:

Gigabyte GA-6BXDS board, 2 Intel PII-350, 192 MB RAM, 2 IDE disks, 2 Plextor
SCSI CD-ROM drives (connected to Channel #0 of the controller), 1 2 GB SCSI
disk (connected to channel #1, containing QNX RTP).

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