How to change PC name in Native Netwoking ?


Need to know how to change pc name or node name in Native Netwoking without running photon environment.Can anybody tell me? how?


If you arw uaing QNX6 you can change it using ‘hostname’ utility.
I think you can change it using setconf if you want to do it from code/using native qnx tools (hostname is std. unix(i think :stuck_out_tongue: ) … f.html#id7


Thank you /Johan,

I change the hostname as “NAME”, but in pc server it appear “”.


Hi Johan n Anybody out there…

I change the hostname as “NAME”, but in pc server it appear “”.
Why is that happen…? Could we just remove .net.intra?


That’s because you don’t have “domain” setup. QNET choose a default domain “net.intra” for you.

Set the domain (on both machine) by set the CS_DOMAIN confstr (same way you set the name).

OK, Thank a lot xtang!..
Nice info…:slight_smile:

Hello everybody.

Something similar happens on my system. I’m trying to configure qnet in order to stablish a network between a host PC and an target machine with an embedded OS image (both QNX 6.3 SP3). I don’t want to have any domain (let it blank) and I use “confstr” to check the domain in both machines, having both the value “” (no value). However, one of them (embedded OS image) always start with the domain “.net.intra”.

How can I avoid this?
Is not possible to let the domain name blank?
Any suggestions?

Set a domain name for each node that matches.

I’m not sure. Xiaodan would know, but I guess I would wonder why you care? What is wrong with setting a domain name?