How do I use german T-DSL under QNX ?

hi there,

so do i, i downloaded QNXrtp6 and the update-package so i could boot
from the ISO & update after that from cd. that was good so, because i
couldn’t know that it’s not possible to connect via DSL.

but i think they support pppoed now ? is there an extra-super-needed
driver for pppoed available and i never heard about ? my NIC’s were
successfully detected as (eth0,eth1 - linuxlike) and i can configure
them as well. at the dialer-config i can setup everything i need. user,
pw, etc…

but what does the extra field server mean? which server should i set up
? it could not be the DNS, there is an extra field (but i can’t setup 2
servers at one time, the last DNS-server i setup will be cleared when i
say ‘apply’. very mysterious …

and i have no more data to try out in all that fields. under win / linux
it is no problem to get connected with these data i got from my ISP

maybe there is anybody out here, woh would like to surf over pppoed
(especially german t-dsl) WITHOUT hardware help (dsl/cable-router or an
extra pc-firewall …)

please contact me in any way to solve the problem together.

tia, ollifa

QNX Fan wrote:

In the meantime I have figured out that under QNX a DSL connection is made
using PPPoE, I filled in everything but no success. It remains in the state
“connecting to server” TCP/IP communication is ok.

“QNX Fan” <>> > wrote in message
news:9jcscg$7v8$>> …
I have an ADSL connection to the internet, Windows and Linux support
VPN(Virtual Private Networking) or PPTP(Point to Point tunneling
I have tried to find out how to get it done on QNX, I have RTP 6 and am
downloading 6.1 at the moment. Is there anyone who knows if QNX can work
with PPTP over TCP/IP?