Network Setup

I’m having difficulty installing the appropriate drivers for the AMD 79C961
Ethernet controller onboard our Teknor PCI-933 SBCs. The chip is installed
on the ISA bus and we are unable to use the PnP features of the chip due to
some legacy hardware installed in the system that conflicts with its
‘default’ IO address. We’ve had to force the chip to a specific location
(currently IO@0x240, IRQ9, DMA7). Consequently the enumerators are unable
to locate the chip.

Firstly, should I be trying to use or Neither
autodetects the card if mounted or started with ‘io-net -d’. The QDN
support web site recommends pcnet on the supported network controllers page,
but the Helpviewer documentation on lance says it’s intended for AMD 79C96x
series chips. pcnet does not support forcing resource allocation, while
lance does. However, trying to force the resource settings
(‘mount -Tio-net -oioport=0x240,irq=9,dma=7 /dev/lib/’ or
‘io-net -d lance ioport=0x240,irq=9,dma=7 -p tcpip’) also fails - this time
with an ‘Operation not permitted’ error.

I’m out of ideas… does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help,