Traffic Light display using Photon

I want to display a traffic light set in a photon GUI. I tried using labels but could not find a way to Make them visible invisible… Like in a Win2K environment. Should I be programming a new GUI Widget ?

Also I want use several threads in this traffic light system, what is better ? Start the threads inside photon or Make those as a separate application and talk to the Photon MicroGUI using MsgSend/Recieve or Pulses…

Thx in advance.


You can make them invisible by changing it’s color to that of the background ;-) Or you can PtUnrealizeWidhget()

I prefer having GUI not doing any process and be as brain dead as possible. That way you can restart GUI without affecting operation.

Also I prefer not to use thread unless I have to. Thread often add complexity and makes it harder to debug.