sound card configuration problem

So, i have problem on embbeded system. I have an DX4 100Mhz, with none PnP
bios, and an audio PnP chipset which is an OPTI0931 on ISA bus. It’s
impossible to comfigure audio card. I use this command line:

io-audio -d sb irq=10,ioport=0x0220,dma=0,dma1=5 &

Process is Running, but i have not sound.
When i use “enum-pnpisa”, i see this informations:

#524307 PNPISA num=1 ioport=277
D524307 bus=isapnp devid=OPT0931 card=1 sernum=4294967295

Does there exist a program making it possible to configure a PnP card (like
“isapnp” under QNX4) under neutrino before start the drivers?

Thanks for your answers,