Crash at boot / no mouse in GUI

  1. At boot-up QNX always crashes and sends my monitor to standby mode after
    displaying “Detected EIDE, scanning for devices…”. However I can work
    around this and install/boot QNX by setting “Disable detection for disk
    controllers other than EIDE” at every boot-up. What is the reason and how
    can I switch off this detection by default?
  2. After installation/reboot a screen comes up telling me a new graphics
    adapter has been found, but mouse and keyboard do not work, so I reboot
  3. This time the GUI comes up and the keyboard works (even its scrolling
    wheel) but the mouse still does not, so accessing menus/options is a rather
    awkward thing, if possible at all. I have a Logitech MousemanWheel and a
    L. internet keyboard, both connected to PS/2 ports.

Many thanks in advance… Jan

(I am new to QNX as well as newsgroups, so please forgive me
should I ask a stupid question or do it in the wrong way)