How to install cc compiler & PhAB in QNX 6.

Please help me in installing cc compiler in QNX 6.
I have downloaded qnxrtp from net. But it has no cc compiler in it.

I have downloaded the following from qnx repository.
But unable to install them.

** gcc-dev_x86-2.95.2-x86-qnx.qpk
** gcc-dev_x86-2.95.2-x86-qnx.qpm
** gcc-dev-2.95.2-qnx.qpk
** ph-2.0.2-qnx.qpk
** ph-2.0.2-x86-qnx.qpk
** ph-dev-2.0.2-qnx.qpk

Please give me details of installation cc compiler & PhAB in QNX 6.