Compile a Linux driver under QNX 6

I don’t know if this is the right section, but I must solve this problem:

I’ve got a PCI card (in case a pc104+ CEI420A for ARINC 429) and i’ve got only the linux driver. because i’ve the source code for this driver I’ve tryed to build it using QNX Momentics IDE 6.3.0 but some error occurs.

I think that the kind of project is incorrect but any kind of project I tryd gives me the same errors.

the error is:

make * CreateProcess((null), ld -shared -o api220.o mem_unix.o linux_config.o, …) failed. Selected file not found.


Linux driver are not source compatible with QNX6. The error that you reported does make sense to me.

mmm perhaps i can’t ecplain myself (my english is not so good - I’m sorry) but I need only to compile some source under qnx. The IDE work but only doesn’t output the file .o .

I can solve this running gcc directly from the target but i haven’t the gcc and don’t know where can i find it on the web.

You do have gcc, if you don’t something went very wrong with your installation. You can invoke the compiler with cc, qcc, or gcc. qcc is the QNX recommended method.

His target is probably a bare minimal QNX OS image and doesn’t have gcc.

kadalthewizard, why don’t have install a full self hosted QNX on your host machine?

Well if it has the IDE I don’t thinks it’s a bare image :wink:

mmm… I’ve go a very very poor installation on my target (I just have the kernel without anything else!)

and the fact is that i can’t install anything else because the target must work this way.

the IDE run under win XP on another PC…

Then you have gcc on the WinXP machine.

no more problems, I solved it…

just installing qnx6 on a secondary partition of my pc, install the IDE on it, and use this…