Problems with RTP 6.1 and SB16 & CD-ROM


I’m installing QNX RTP 6.1 on a dos partition. When I boot to QNX, I see there’s no /dev/cd0 entry and no /fs/cd0, which I believe the CD-ROM not detected. I
connect the CD-ROM as a masterless slave, which detected fine by RTP 6.0 (installed on dos partition). Does RTP 6.1 more sensitive to this problem, even when
installed on dos partition, than RTP 6.0?

For SB16, playing media files with phplay only leads to a long wait for nothing. phplay must be killed manually. Using the same hardware setup with RTP 6.0, phplay can
play flawlessly, except for mpeg files, which leads to plugin unexpected termination (the error message says that) on RTP 6.0, and the same problem faced by SB16 on
RTP 6.1. What can I do to rectify this?