nettrap // SMC UltraEZ card

I had jsut installed QNX 6.0 on an intel box today, on which there are
already installations of
Linux, QNX 4.25, and Windows. It failed to detect the network card, an
SMC 8416 (UltraEZ? Western
Digital by any name). As per instructions, I ran nettrap, and it
indicated that the proper line to
start was “io-net -dwd” (or something close). However, running that
command failed as it could not
find the library. (Which I assume is something like

As I was intending to upgrade to the latest availabale version of QNX 6
immediately anyway, I posptoned
this until after the upgrade.

I downloaded the upgrade CD, performed the upgrade, and reloaded the
utilities and libraries, and found
that the syatem STILL does not detect the card. I again checked the
instrurctions and, as instructed, ran
nettrap. However, there is NO nettrap on 6.1, it turns out (even though
the instructions on the upgraded
system refer to it.)

This brings me to my questions:

  1. Does anyone know where I can get an appropriate library to use with
    io-net for this Ethernet card?
    I’d hate to have to replace it now, considereing that 3 other OS’s
    on the same machine are fine with it.

  2. Does anyone know why there is no “nettrap” utillity on 6.1, and what
    the equivilant utility is?

Thank you.

Riichard B.