devb-ncr8 and 875J?

just curious if the ncr8 driver supports symbios/lsi 53c875J or not. Not
detected upon install of 6.1, nor is it found when I try to run “devb-ncr8
cam verbose”. just the one host adapter, no devices with more than one lun.

error message was something simple along the lines of “could not load” or
“no devices found” (sorry, can’t remember offhand and that machine is
currently not running qnx to check)

I do realize that the filesystem support page mentions NCR-53c875, and that
the 875 and 875J chipsets are not quite the same thing (clock doubler for
one), but was still hoping for success (maybe playing with device id flag,

(probably also might not help that it’s actually a fireport-40 card, to
which diamond gave not quite a standard bios)

comments, suggestions, insults…thanks!


I wouldn’t mind having a go trying to port the new 53c8xx v2 driver from
linux, if that would be at all useful…