Linksys Network Card

I just installed the QNX RTP 6.1 on my computer. Everything works great
except my network card. It appears to have been detected, in Phlip, there is
an entry for “en0”, and the commands suggested in the troubleshooting
documentation turned up the expected results (io-net is running, I’m not
very familiar with what I should be seeing, but it looks similar to the
examples in the documentation), but the card isn’t communicating with
anything outside. The card works under Windows (I installed QNX into my W98
filesystem), but under the RTP it may as well be unplugged. I have tried
both DHCP and manually assigning an IP number, but neither works (my LAN
supports both). The card is a Linksys NC100 v.2.1, and I am using a Linksys
BEFSR41 Router / Switch. Any ideas?