QNX-6.1.0 Install on MIcrotel (Wal-Mart) system

The new Microtel (SYSMARK123, Pentium4) systems use new SiS chips that
are not well recognized yet. I have recently posted a KnowlegeBase entry
covering system configuration changes for the graphics chips (onboard
and user installed) to allow proper operation of Photon (window
manager). The installation process stopped when it encountered two VGA
cards and did not recognized the SiS video chip.

The config file changes allow/force QNX to ignore the SiS VGA chip and
use the add-on GeForce2 card. No prior knowlege of these SiS chips were
known in QNX KnowlegeBase, nor does the X-Consortium (X-4.2.0) have all
of the specs on these realitvely new SiS chips.

The motherboard used in the system is a Microtel MS-6524 with the 650
and 961 SiS chips.