tcpdump not working

maybe somebody already asked for it, but how can i get tcpdump to work on qnx6.2.1 - tcpdump complains about “no /dev/socket/pbf” or something like that


Check if you have a /lib/dll/, if it is there, you could
mount it by hand “mount -Tio-net /lib/dll/”, and then
run tcpdump.

I suspect you have an old package. Try to install the tcpdump
packet is 6.2.1 3rd party CD. It should auto-install
for you, and autoload it if it is not mounted when start tcpdump.

Does anyone know if the source code to is available? I am interested in writing an ethernet filter and that would be a good start I think. I have been looking at tcp-dump on 6.2.1 3rd party CD downloading the tcpdump and libpcap sources etc, but haven’t been able to find it. It’s only included with the binaries?

I don’t think source for ever made Gernal Public’d.

You can start with a NIC driver source from DDK, just regist with

Where can I download the tcpdump utility as a precompiled QNX-Version?