Want to use vim! No idea on how to install and run. Help!

Hi all.

First things first. My experience with QNX is zip. Actually, my experience with any non-microsoft OS is zip.

I am studying Avionics at uni, and the time has come where i have to learn, not only a (from my point of view) a totally non-user friendly, steep-learning-curve, UNIX based OS, but also the C# programming language.

I have installed QNX (the free version, i think it is 6.2.1) and want to use ‘VIM’ as a text editor for writing C# programs.

Now, i have downloaded vim 6.3 and 6.2, and despite frantic goggling, have not been able to install it, or run it or what ever it is you are supposed to do to run a program on this awful operating system (i know i’m going to regret saying that)

So, I was wondering if you can help me out a bit. I’ve read the ‘readme’ files that came with VIM, and they’re all in gibberish that a window’s only n00b like myself just doesn’t get.

HELP! HELP TURN A WINDOWS USER IN A UNIX USER. If I can install and run this program, it would be my first ever! Think about it if you decide to help me! You can dream about how you personally helped a windozer to see the light of this supposedly superior operating system.


Vim (and other very useful applications) is included in the third party cd.
enter qnx.com/download/index.html clic 3rd-Party Software

So QNX is an awful OS… It depends on how beatiful you think blue screens are… :-p

C# is not available on QNX. I’ve hear of some effort to port it to QNX (MONO) but I don’t think anything concrete has yet turn up.

QNX has C# build in. I think. Have i made the mistake in thinking that C and C# are the same thing?

Anyways, it has C, and i have writen some simple code in the editor and compiled it and ran it.

I just want to know how to install VIM.

I am downloading that 3rd party CD, but i thought it was only for QNX 6.3.

Anyways, i don’t see why i have to download that whole CD when i have already found and downloaded VIM for UNIX ( vim.org/download.php#unix ). I just need to know how to run/install it.

C, C++ and C# are three different thing. C# was created by Microsoft… QNX comes with C and C++ support.

QNX is not UNIX, it’s not binary compabilite. Some source code from Unix will compile fine on QNX some will not. It does take some level of experience to go through the process of building it from the souce code. Might be an interesting learning experience but it could be a little too challenging if you are starting from scratch.

I don’t think you have to download the CD, you can start the installer and point it at the remote repositoy where VIM should be available. If you come from a Windows background you will definitely find vim challenging, but definitely worth the struggle ;-)

Start your QNX installer GUI and point to download.qnx.com/contrib/reposit … sitory.qrm

You will see a list of all available pre compiled packages for QNX 6.2. Just pick and install VIM.

As for the source code from www.vim.org , if you want to challenge yourself, you can try to compile it. Not sure how many changes needed to adapt it to QNX.


I downloaded that 3rd party iso, burnt it, and then used taht to install VIM.

So, when i run it… it chuggs the computer so much. Damn, this is just a text editor right? Then why does it chug?

PC is a 2.2GHz Athlon, with 512 MB RAM.